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  • The trip south: Fredrikstad
    In the summer of 2023, Micha and I took a couple weeks of vacation to explore Norway. We spent a week in southern Norway, returned to Trondheim to meet some old friends, and then spent a week driving around Tromsø and the Vesterålen islands in the north. For the trip south, we took a train… Read more: The trip south: Fredrikstad
  • BERGEN?? Part Two!
    “Take the flute to the third stop and turn right,” said our Airbnb host via text message when we got back from the fjord cruise. We figured something had been mistranslated, and decided to simply walk up the hill rather than try to figure out what “the flute” was. We later learned that “Fløibanen,” sometimes… Read more: BERGEN?? Part Two!
    Micha and I took a long weekend trip to the city of Bergen in western Norway back in May. We had an amazing time exploring the city, taking a cruise through the fjords, and hiking the hills surrounding the town. We landed in Bergen early in the morning on May 18th, the day after Norway’s… Read more: BERGEN? PART ONE??
  • A year without brown sugar
    For most of our time in Norway, Micha and I have been unable to find brown sugar. Our Norwegian friends assured us it existed, and the quality of the pastries and cookies available stands as evidence that Norwegians know, understand, and use brown sugar regularly. But, to our knowledge, it was not sold in grocery… Read more: A year without brown sugar
  • A run on flour?
    Norwegians love baking. I remember telling one Norwegian that I had bought a pre-made cookie mix, and she scolded me, saying true Norwegians would be embarrassed to be caught with such contraband. Norwegians take pride in baking their own cookies from scratch, and every supermarket is stocked with more kinds of flour than I ever… Read more: A run on flour?