Stor-Elgen and the Oslo-Trondheim drive

Stor-Elgen, the Big Moose, in all its glory.

Apparently Stor-Elgen was the largest moose statue until 2019, when Canada found out, got mad, and put bigger antlers on a moose statue they already had, so that Canada would again have the biggest moose statue.

I wish I had had a photographer for the drive. The route through Østerdalen follows a river, with mountains to the left and rolling green hills, farms and pastureland, to the right. The valley gradually gets narrower and deeper as the mountains get taller, and suddenly around the corner there looms a sleeping giant of rock, with a little white layer of snow on top. The road then cuts to the right, alternating between tunnels and bridges as it crosses some of the hillier terrain. Then, just as suddenly, the E6 changes from two lanes, to four, to six, and Trondheim and the northern coast can be seen between the hills in the distance.

I’m in an Airbnb while I wait for our apartment to be ready. Navi is exhausted – sleeping in the back of a Ford S-Max is hard work.

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