There was a washing machine on the cat

Some English translations of some Norwegian conversations I have had recently.

Cashier: Would you like a receipt?
Me: You’re welcome

Boss: What color is a warning triangle?
Me: What is a warning triangle?
Boss: You know when you get a tire puncture, and you have to pull over on the side of the road…
Me: What is a tire puncture?

Coworker: What color is a Dalmatian when it is born?
Boss: Mike, do you know what “born” means?
Me: What is “born?” Not “foot?” (The actual word, født, sounds a bit like the English word “foot”)
My boss and coworker try various ways of explaining until one of them says the Norwegian word for “birthday”, and then I get it.

Cashier: Would you like some jam with your waffle?
Me: We would like to sit outside, please.
Cashier: *holds up jam* Jam?
Me: Oh! Jam! Yes please.

Pharmacist: Hi, how can I help you?
Me: I like you that. *points to Jigglypuff tattoo*
*awkward laughter as pharmacist looks up the prescription*
Pharmacist, in English: We don’t have this one in stock.

Teacher: What happened in the last episode?
Me: Jonas and Maria moved from Oslo to a new city. There was a cat. There was a washing machine on the cat. The cat was dead. Then they met their neighbors.

Coworker: In “The Matrix”, what color pill is taken to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes?
Me: In the Matrix, the pill… rabbit?
Boss: Mike, do you know what “rabbit” means?
Me: Not the same as dog? (The Norwegian word for “rabbit” is “canin”)
Boss: No. (In English) Rabbit.
Me: Rabbit is white!

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